Twitter permanently bans infowars host alex jones after retweeting a message mocking white nationalists

Twitter permanently bans infowars host alex jones after retweeting a message mocking white nationalists

Infowars is temporarily banning the US president-elect after a tweet by alex jones mocking white nationalist sympathisers made it online history.

The show hosted Alex Jones in its 18th epi평택출장마사지sode and on Saturday the show took to Twitter to announce their intent to suspend the host following the tweet.

Alex Jones: A Donald Trump fan gets banned from @infowars for ‘racist’ tweet. — Michael Phillips (@michaelpflaherty) January 16, 2016

On Twitter, it was stated to the 9pm show that the show would have no more advertising and would be closed down in a matter of hours, although details of what this might mean were still vague at the time of publication.

In the tweet, Jones tweeted: ‘I can only assume this is what it must be like being invited to a rally by someone that makes a racist comment on social media. This is our future!!!!’

Jones has a history of repeatedly promoting and promoting racist views on radio and television – even when hosts tried to clarify how controversial his views were.

Jones also once used a tweet by neo-Nazi and white supremacist David Duke as an example for his controversial views about African-Americans.

The show’s co-presenter Eric Bolling said they had received a number of complaints over Jones making the racist tweet and it would soon be pulled.

He described the tweet as a ‘poor choice of words’.

‘What we will continue to show is the President-elect Donald Trump is wrong and ignorant. Let’s not play politics with this,’ he said.

‘We can’t just watch as our president-elect says horrible things about other people. We should get real. Let’s stop playing games with this and get real.

‘We cannot let the President-elect and his team down. I will say that repeatedly. We are an absolute disgrace in America and I would like you to know that.’

This morning Mr Jones spoke out ag평택출장마사지 평택안마ainst those who had ‘harassed or demeaned him on Twitter.

‘And so you have people on Twitter that have put out threats for his safety or just come across as horrible. He will never sit idly by and watch these sort of things happen for anyone else,예스카지노‘ he told Sky News’ Steve Briney.

‘But you will never hear thi

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