Rock fall not caused by mine structure inspector

Rock fall not caused by mine structure inspector

This fall, a mine inspector was assigned to oversee an old mine that was discovered in April 2014 and was deemed a dangerous pitfall. This fall, this inspector visited the mine in January and April, and the contractor had yet to address the safety concerns raised. In July, the contractor sent a letter stating it would address the issues.

In its latest report, the OSHA inspector cited the mine and the mine engineer’s inadequate safety training as problems with the inspector’s response. According to the Inspector General, the engineer did not fully address the safety concern, did not address the safety concern within its contract obligations, and did not address the safety concern in writing.

“I don’t think anybody is saying there are things a mine inspector can’t check, but you need to do your due diligence. If there was some reason you would say ‘no,’ that could have 안산출장마사지been the problem,” said Kelli Lusk, senior policy and government affairs specialist for the AFL-CIO’s Mine Action Network.

As for safety on mining projects, Kelli said she wasn’t sure there was a need to change laws to reduce hazards and said it is the fault of the contractor whether or not the safety is not addressed within a contract.

She also said it’s unclear how companies decide to fix safety problems on mining projects given the fact they don’t always look at documentation.

“It’s so unclear, so it could be that a company is going through the same thing again and again and again and again. So you’d ha전주안마 전주출장샵ve to look at that, but you’d have to go to all that information to make that conclusion, and I just can’t believe they have those kind of options.

“What you just saw with this inspector was just the tip of the iceberg, and it’s sad, it’s sad that you have to look into mine safety issues to온 카지노 really make sure that your project is safe,” said Lusk.

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