How the tiananmen square massacre shaped the great Chinese-Taiwan conflict of 1911

How the tiananmen square massacre shaped the great Chinese-Taiwan conflict of 1911

By Jian-Yi Wang

18 April 2012

A study carried out by the US Congressional Research Service reveals shocking information that links the tragic events of July 10, 1911, when thousands of protesters were killed in a protest march in Taipei, China, to the massive crackdown on the Chapronxinese “tiananmen” uprising in 1989.

In a study for the congressional Research Service (CRS), the American Center for the Study of the American Economy (ACSU) and the Taiwan-focused Global Times Research Institute (TGRII) revealed the following:

The US government and the corporate media in Washington are pushing a story that is based on false information. The US government’s media has never acknowledged any role in orchestrating the August 4, 1911 “tiananmen” massacre and the subsequent government crackdown, even though there was a pattern of government violence and death before August 4, 1911 on political dissenters who were peaceful.

As the following two videos demonstrate, the US government has always been aware of events that led to the 1911 “Tiananmen massacre” and its subsequent state-sanctioned suppression of the so-called “Tiananmen protests.”

In his book, “The History of the United States,” historian and academic Peter J. Weisbrot shows that on August 4th, 1911 a handful of protesters in Taipei, which had been the site of anti-government demonstrations for much of the previous month, 우리카지노attacked government officials, set fire to police stations and set off bombs in Taipei and the surrounding surrounding areas, killing 20 policemen and wounding a further 10. The “massacre” resulted in some 1,500 protesters being killed by police. As noted by TGRII’s Tien An, “The official U.S. government account of events in Taipei reads: “As night fell on August 4th, the’ma바카라ssacre’ began. A mob of around 500 men, accompanied by an escort of policemen and others, gathered in the middle of the street near the corner of Yeh and Taipei roads, carrying wooden slings and clubs to throw into the road. One of the cars was blown over on its side and landed on top of a truck; this triggered the stampede of vehicles that followed and the truck burst into flame. This led directly to the massacre of those who, to make things worse, tried to defend themselves or the government, by throwing stones at the cops an

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