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Investigators Hunt Cell Phone Missing from Police Evidence

by Dave Waddell and Bianca Quilantan

What happened to Madeline Hemphill’s cell phone and the video she says would prove excessive force by Chico police

It’s a question central to law enforcement investigations of the Aug. 27 arrests of Hemphill and her roommate and fellow Chico State student Nicole Braham.

A second cell phone video from the arrest scene shot by Telvina Patino, a third roommate coque samsung a10 note and Chico State student has been viewed tens of thousands of times on YouTube and can be seen here.

Chico community activist Emily Alma has labeled the arrests an “excessive force event.” Also critical of police handling of the incident has been Michael Coyle, an associate professor of political science at Chico State. Coyle, who teaches criminal justice courses, said that if good policing means de escalating situations, what’s shown in the video are poor police practices. “The video looks more like a basic training on how to escalate a situation, physically put someone in pain, coque samsung s7 moto cross and make them afraid of police,” said Coyle, who chairs the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) board in Chico. “Whatever happened to community policing”

Beyond the question of excessive police force and some peculiarities surrounding Hemphill’s missing cell phone, the credibility of an Aug. 29 press statement issued by Police Chief Mike O’Brien also has come under scrutiny. Some wide discrepancies exist between law enforcement’s and the students’ coque bague samsung galaxy s7 versions of events most significantly over how much time coque samsung s7 edge supernatural actually elapsed between their arrests and an earlier run in with Chico officer Steve Dyke.

Hemphill, a 21 year old senior psychology major, is certain the entire coque iphone 8 plus rick et morty episode was rooted in retaliation for her filming of the coque huawei p30 police conducting a drunken driving investigation a short time earlier. While Patino’s video gone viral captures a good deal of Braham’s arrest, only a glimpse of Hemphill’s arrest is seen, though she can be heard pleading her case off camera.

Both Hemphill and Braham were arrested on suspicion of resisting arrest. Braham was charged with that offense by coque samsung galaxy s5 rose gold Butte County District Attorney Mike Ramsey, but Hemphill has not been charged and her case remains under investigation. Braham pleaded not guilty to the misdemeanor charge Thursday in Butte County Superior Court and is due back for a hearing Oct. 27. Hemphill and Braham each suffered minor injuries in being taken to the ground by police.

Chief O’Brien said a Chico PD internal affairs sergeant is looking into Hemphill’s claim that she was retaliated against for filming police at the DUI stop. Both Ramsey and O’Brien indicated that the use and whereabouts of Hemphill’s phone are key parts of their investigations.

Hemphill insists that immediately after officer Dyke ordered her taken to jail, she was “tackled” by coque stitch samsung s7 other officers into a hedge of heavenly bamboo in the divider between the Esplanade and its eastside frontage road. Questioned about whether “tackled” was the proper word to describe what occurred, Hemphill said: “Absolutely. There’s no other word.”

Madeline Hemphill points to where she says she was “tackled. said she clung to her cell phone, which recorded a bit of the Braham arrest and the beginning of her own arrest, until it was pulled from her hands by officers, she said. “The coque personnalisees samsung video shows them using excessive force on me,” Hemphill said. “I also think officer Dyke was trying to punish me for videotaping him.”

The last time Hemphill believes she saw her phone was shortly after her coque iphone 8 portefeuille avec miroir arrest while handcuffed in a police car. Several officers were gathered together; her impression was they were looking at video from her phone while conversing and, at times, laughing. coque samsung galaxy note 2 batman She equated the scene to that of a locker room or break room.

Chief O’Brien’s Aug. 29 statement claims that “Hemphill had lost her cellular phone during the arrest. Officers coque huawei p10 have searched for the phone at the scene, police station, and the patrol vehicle she was transported within. The phone has not been located.”

Hemphill insists she was asked by Chico officers twice once at the scene of her arrest and again later at a Chico Police Department holding facility for permission to access the video on her phone as evidence. Both times she said she granted them permission.

Although not mentioned in his press statement, O’Brien acknowledged recently that Hemphill was asked by officers “at least once to access her phone, but that was with the mistaken thought that we had possession.”

Braham, 19, was with Hemphill in that police holding facility. Unlike Hemphill, she had not been drinking the night of the arrests, acting as designated driver. Braham told the board of the coque en bois samsung galaxy s7 edge Chico chapter of the ACLU, Northern California, at its Sept. 8 meeting, that she remembered a Chico officer’s exact words to Hemphill: “Is it OK if we use the video on the phone as evidence”

Upon her release from the Butte County Jail, Hemphill’s cell phone was not among the personal property returned to her. It was a Saturday morning, the Chico Police Department was closed, but she was allowed into the lobby after buzzing in and pleading for her phone. An officer told her the phone was in evidence and the earliest she could get it back would be at her first court date. Hemphill’s father called Chico PD an hour or so later and also was told the phone was in evidence, she said.

Hemphill went home to coque iphone 7 8 sleep and awoke to find email messages about her phone. “I had gotten three emails in my sleep: change iCloud password, iCloud password successfully changed and Find My iPhone has been disabled,” she said.

Warrant Obtained for Missing iPhone

Hemphill returned to the Police Department on Monday, Aug. 29, and met with Sgt. Greg Keeney, who told her he didn’t know coque huawei p9 anything about her phone but would look into it. Keeney told her the email alerts she received about the phone’s use were consistent with police protocol for hacking a phone in evidence, according to Hemphill.

She said her father’s records also indicate her voice mail was called on Aug. 28.

Hemphill said use of her cell stopped Aug. 29, noting that was the same day O’Brien reported the phone was missing.

Hemphill was interviewed about the phone on Sept. 15 by investigators from the district attorney’s office. They told her a warrant was obtained to find out through Apple and T Mobile where the phone was used during the three days after Hemphill’s arrest, she said.

“Apparently each time they open the phone up to use data there is coque samsung s6 valentino rossi a GPS in it,” she said. “They can go in and track it and seewhere it was from.”

The Aug. 29 press statement issued by O’Brien makes note of Hemphill’s .141 blood alcohol content at the time of her arrest. What O’Brien’s press statement didn’t reveal is that police also tested Braham’s blood alcohol content at Chico PD’s holding facility. Braham’s test found no alcohol in her system, a fact not disclosed by police while trumpeting the drunkenness of Hemphill, who had not been driving.

O’Brien acknowledged that his statement excluded Braham’s .000 BAC but says coque tpu samsung s8 he mentioned the fact coque samsung s6 edge paon in media interviews. Asked why Braham’s blood was tested for alcohol content, O’Brien said “BACs are often taken of arrestees to ensure proper prisoner processing.”

Hemphill contends that the police response to Dyke’s call for back up while detaining Braham was one of the most sobering events of her life. Officers arrived to the scene quickly from seemingly every direction. The YouTube video captures Dyke, his knee on the prone Braham’s back, pointing to Hemphill and twice ordering coque samsung galaxy s6 fille her taken to jail just as she was beginning to videotape the scene, she said.

“It was like we were living a nightmare,” Hemphill said.

O’Brien’s statement says that after Dyke ordered Hemphill’s arrest for “officer safety purposes,” Hemphill “tensed her arms in attempts to coque samsung s7 incassable resist being placed into handcuffs. Based on her failure to cooperate and resisting arrest, Officers had to place Hemphill on coque iphone xs pro the ground, where she was detained in handcuffs.”..

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