Bendigo takes on plan for residential growth as it struggles to keep pace with new population

Bendigo takes on plan for residential growth a부천출장샵s it struggles to keep pace with new population


Bendigo faces an uncertain future because of an ageing population, and now a plan to create 200 new homes for the community to accommodate its growing population could be derailed.

The council에볼루션 카지노 wants a new plan drawn up to make residents more productive, while increasing their income, to allow for more homes for families, aged 60 and above.

This will be funded with a community contribution from local businesses and community members.

The Bendigo City Council chief executive, Rob Murray, said they felt this would be an important step in making the community a more attractive place to live.

“It would give us some positive momentum to continue to move forward with this strategy over the coming years,” he said.

“We’re not interested in just putting more people up there.”

Mr Murray said while the council understood homes could be an asset to the community, it was only a “penny-pinching contribution” because many houses in the area were already built and owned by the community itself.

Families are paying tens of thousands in rent for the area because of long-term, negative impacts on the property market.

Mr Murray said the council was currently running a number of community community partnerships, with an aim of turning the area into a destination f온라인 카지노or retirees.

The aim of those is to attract young people to Bendigo and their children, and to encourage them to stay in the area.

He said while the town’s residents were not living here for the long term, they were taking on the stress they would be expected to endure as a result of Bendigo’s population decline, and said they had already experienced a big impact on their children’s education.

“It’s really an issue of how we do it,” Mr Murray said.

“What are we giving people who are going to have to make an emotional investment to make their kids stay in their house or their family’s home, and it’s affecting the quality of life for their families, the quality of their education?

“There are a number of things happening at the moment that could push us way out into the future that will really change our whole strategy.”

Families ‘wasting’ money

Ms Ann Wylie said Bendigo City Council’s community investment plan has changed her life with the arrival of so many new homes in the community.

She said she spent about $100 each mont

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